ASNE Security and Non-Disclosure Agreement

		This customer software application and information contained herein are the property and responsibility
		of Authorized Services of New England and are for the sole use of customer-authorized users in their conduct of 
		ASNE customer related business.  You have accepted by your acknowledgement of this agreement that you are   
		indeed the specific customer representative given the ASNE identification code and password.  All persons  
		accessing this system without authority or inappropriately using the system are subject to disciplinary action,  
		including both civil and/or possible criminal prosecution.

		ASNE is the owner of certain software and software tools known as Infrastructure Manager™ 
		(hereinafter the "Software").  In order to facilitate its delivery of services, ASNE must provide Customer
		with access to and use of the Software.

		The Software and all related materials are the proprietary and confidential property of ASNE.  Customer 
		agrees to use every reasonable effort to protect the confidentiality and proprietary nature of the 
		Software which may be disclosed to it or its employees, or to which it may have access, with no less 
		care than Customer uses with its own confidential information, and further agrees to the following 
		terms and conditions:

			a.  Proprietary Rights.  All applicable common law and statutory rights and title in and to the 
		Software and updates, including, but not limited to, rights in confidential and trade secret material, 
		source code, object code, trademarks, look and feel, graphical user interfaces, menus, layouts, 
		service marks, patents, and copyrights, shall be and will remain the property of ASNE.  Customer shall 
		have no right, title, or interest in such proprietary rights.

			b.  Restrictions.  Customer shall only use, access, or allow access to, the Software for 
		purposes consistent with its Service and Maintenance Agreement with ASNE.  Customer shall only 
		allow those of its employees who perform duties related to the provision of services by ASNE to use 
		and access the Software (“Authorized Users”).  Customer and Customer’s Authorized Users 
		are prohibited from: (i) reverse engineering, reverse translating, decompiling or making any modifications, 
		adaptations, enhancements, changes, or derivative works of the Software; (ii) disclosing or allowing 
		access to the Software by third parties; or (iii) reproducing, distributing, or otherwise transferring 
		possession of copies of the Software. Customer shall advise all Authorized Users of all prohibitions 
		and restrictions set forth in this Agreement before allowing them to use or access the Software.  

			The Software and updates thereto constitute confidential and trade secret material (collectively 
		hereinafter "Confidential Information").  The user manual, documentation, and all updates thereto shall 
		also constitute Confidential Information.  Customer and Authorized Users agree not to permit third 
		parties to access Confidential Information.
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